Welcome to bladerade.com fools

hello everyone, and welcome to bladerade.com & the B3 community.  I couldn't be more excited to launch this website, which has been a goal of mine ever since I started paying a yearly fee for this domain...3 years ago.  Bladerade is such an easy drink to make - grab ANY kind of vodka on planet earth and jam it into ANY flavor of Gatorade ever made and BAM, it's game on.  I often get asked if drinking a Bladerade will ruin enjoying a Gatorade on its own, say the day later.  The answer is no, I've never had trouble drinking a plain Gatorade, they're two completely different drinks.  Kind of like eating pizza from different places two nights in a row.  Theoretically the electrolytes and hydration potential of Gatorade would result in a hangover free next day after enjoying a Bladerade.  The FDA has yet to confirm that though.  I feel like I've personally unconfirmed that, but maybe it  was from something else.  

I'd also like to give some credit where credit is due.  Nobody is exactly sure where Bladerades started, but I believe it was when my friend Joe was looking for any kind of mixer in our fridge in college.  Since then we've been able confirm that Bladerade is delicious with every single flavor Gatorade.  Joe also invented the "joe-garita" which consisted of ice and black velvet in a blender, so he could have just got lucky with vodka-Gatorade.  I'd also like to thank my wife Stephanie, for basically making this entire website and all the videos - I'd say she's 1 million times more talented than me but everyone already knows that.  (Be sure to check out all 4 videos on 'bladernation' - more coming soon).  Last but not least, Bladerades are only as good as the company you share them with, so cheers to everyone who's ever enjoyed one with me.

Oh also, if you're a lawyer and think I'm going to get sued, please call me.

Love Blade